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Since the bottom and sides of Mrs. Peterson's feet were covered with blood, the defense joined the prosecution in stating the obvious: At some point after Kathleen Peterson had begun bleeding profusely, she sat or stood up with both, bare feet flat on the floor.

The pools of blood are only on the lower landing and the first few steps. Mrs. Peterson left no bloody footprints going down the hall or up the stairs, so if she DID suffer several falls -- they all happened in the same small area.

How mysterious.

Now, why would a person who's fallen backward hard enough to split her scalp open, get up and -- instead of going for help -- repeat the same backward fall two or three more times? Even if Kathleen Peterson DID fall multiple times, how would she have managed to seriously wound the top and back of her head while totally avoiding blunt force trauma to her buttocks and legs?

The autopsy shows that along with bruised arms, wrists and hands, Kathleen Peterson had several scrapes and bruises covering her face and a fracture to the cartilage in her throat. Clearly, she didn't injure her face and throat from a fall backward on her head.

Peterson Diagram

A few of Mr. Peterson's supporters have publicly suggested that a large owl flew into the Forest Hills mansion and attacked Kathleen Peterson.

Considering the lack of feathers in the hall, it's a ridiculous conception -- but it makes more sense than Michael's story that his wife just collapsed. The owl theory at least accounts for the seven, distinct, claw-like gashes to the victim's head and the irregular, defensive wounds on her arms.

Since there was absolutely no evidence of a third person in the house, an owl attack would also answer the question, "If not Michael -- WHO?"

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How Many Stairs?